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Leandra Drumm

Leandra Drumm creates whimsical objects of both pewter switch plates and assorted glassware. Drummís designs are taken from places she has visited and people she has met throughout her life. The figures and objects that decorate her switch plates illustrate her imaginative world. Some motifs include those involving mermaids, skyrockets and clowns as well as a menagerie of odd shaped animals, men, women and children. Leandraís work creates a world best described as "fantasy in motion." Her artwork combines storytelling with a marvelous sense of humor and functionality.

In conjunction with Leandraís pewter switch plates, she also creates a line of functional glassware. Similar to her switch plates, Drumm infuses her glass pieces with aspects of the enchanted. Though the depictions on the glass are similar to those found on her switch plates, the difference in medium allows her pieces to greatly differ from one to the next. Each piece is dry-etched, leaving behind the figures and accents customers have come to expect from Leandra. Her line of glassware ranges from wine glasses to large serving bowls. Whether you have purchased a switch plate or a pair of wine glasses, you can be assured that each piece will continue to inspire the whimsical in its users.


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