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Luna Bella

Nicolas Trujillo and Teresa Costa have been designing lighting and furniture since 1991.  They joined forces in 1995 and founded their own company, Luna Bella, in order to design, create, and market their own line of contemporary lighting.  In 1997, they expanded the business and incorporated a collection of table clocks. Two years later, they introduced a line of furniture and home accessories including tables, mirrors, and sofas.  Today, Luna Bella employs eighteen craftspeople and the pieces are hand crafted in Hialeah, Florida.  

The Don Muller Gallery showcases a collection of innovative table lamps and clocks by Luna Bella.  Their pieces are whimsical and modern with a vintage flair.  Nicholas and Teresa design visually enticing lamps and clocks by contrasting unusual shapes and contours, as well as juxtaposing various materials such as hand blown glass, metal, ceramic, and textiles.  The artists consider each product as a painting or a composition; they take every detail into account in order to create a cohesive work of art.  Nicholas and Teresa’s sense of whimsy extends beyond the actual pieces; each product has its own quirky name such as Clementine, Toto, and Espresso.  Luna Bella lamps and clocks exhibit a wonderful balance between function and art.  Their pieces will surely add style to any room.

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